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"כי אנו בניך... ואתה אבינו"

But who will stand alongside us during the Rosh Hashana prayers.


The amount of children coming to the synagogue unaccompanied during the Yamim Noraim, is constantly growing. Many children do not attend at all. Children of parents who are separated do not experience the Tishrei holidays in the same manner that others do. In most cases, the feelings of loneliness and social isolation continue to affect them for a long time - long after the holidays end.
"Em Habanim" under the leadership of Harav Y.Ganz shlita" assists these children and their families by arranging  accommodations for them  and hosting over 200 people for Rosh Hashana.
"On this holy day we all lift our eyes upward toward our father in heaven"
They too, look upward, and we believe that they too deserve to have somebody - somebody older, to guide them through the prayers and join with them at the Yom Tov meals.
Em Habanim provides full accommodations for the entire Yom Tov, within a warm and supportive environment. Our staff of well known educators, and volunteers put in much effort to create the ideal Yom Tov atmosphere for all who participate.
The Yom Tov meals, including the ''simanim'' (special Rosh Hashana foods) are eaten together in a large dining hall. At the synagogue each child has his own place, and his own Machzor (Rosh Hashana prayer book) with a sticker carrying his name. He is warmly welcomed by a mentor who will accompany him and guide him throughout the prayers.
One mother tearfully expressed her feeling. "I felt as though the prayers of these pure children went straight up and broke through the gates of Heaven.  The atmosphere was uplifting and the impressions unforgettable".
This inspiring experience, the elation, and the sense of belonging assure that these children remain connected to their roots, and the  uplifiting impression strengthens them long after the holiday is over.
Our budget for the month of Tishrei includes our Simchat Beit Hashoeva, and Simchat Torah programs for the families of Em Habanim.
 The total cost of this years' Tishrei program, will be 120,000 NIS 
Please join in this Mitzva and help us make this project a reality.
Cost for one family
2,700 NIS
Cost for one child
600 NIS
Yom Tov meals
for one person

180 NIS
We call upon you to help. Your donation will give these families the chance
to begin the New Year on a happy and positive note.

To Donate:
  • Bank Transfer:
    Bank Pagi, Branch no.180, Account no. 409-712183  in the name of Bei Tikvat Em Habanim
  • By credit card: click here
  • By telephone: call Em Habanim office:  02-651-7221
  • For monthly bank donations: click here for form
  • Cash or check donations can be sent by mail to: Beit Tikvat Em Habanim, 32 Beit Hadfus St. Jerusalem,
    POB 34043, Jerusalem, 91340

  • Bank Transfer from abroad: Beit Tikvat Em Habanim Smecha, Bank Pagi #52, Bank branch number 180, Bank account number 409-712183, IBAN :IL230521800000000712183, Swift Code: FIRBILITXXX, BIC: 31-180
Donations to Em Habanim are tax deductible  in Israel, USA, and Canada.


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